Collectd Graph Panel v1

v1 is here. CGP is finished 😆

Joking aside. It has been requested multiple times. So let’s get it over with. The last version was more then 3.5 years ago. This will be the last tagged version of CGP. Every commit in the master branch after this release can be considered as a new release. 😉

Use git and “git pull” to keep up-to-date or download the latest version here.

Notable Changes since v0.4.1:

  • mobile support (responsive design)
  • automatic support for all plugins (markup/styling in json)
  • hybrid graph type (canvas graph on detail page, png on the others)
  • svg graph support
  • support for newer PHP versions
  • deprecate support for collectd 4

Special thanks for this version go to Peter Wu for improving security, Manuel Luis for maintaining jsrrdgraph and Vincent Brillault for his amount of contributions.

Git: git clone

3 thoughts on “Collectd Graph Panel v1

  1. Shaun

    Wonderfull, works out of the box.
    One small quirk… I had to copy plugin/libvirt.json to plugin/virt.json to get the libvirt graphs to obey the config settings.

  2. paul

    Hi pommi,
    Recently installed collectd, rrdtool, and the Collectd Graph Panel. I’m new to RRD, so a fair bit of puzzling about to get things going, but I have a mostly working set of graphs. There’s only one problem, and I don’t know if it’s in collectd configs, or or CGP configs: Most of my graphs using the ‘tail’ plugin have nonsensical values, including the Y axis values. Here’s a screenshot of some:
    all but the bytes graph seem to suggest counts in the millions. But this is a tiny personal server. For example, the outgoing mail over the last two hours would be closer to an average of 5.6 messages average, not 5.6 million.

    My ‘match’ config for collectd is nothing special:

    Regex “=>”
    DSType “CounterInc”
    Type “outgoing”
    Instance “Outgoing”

    and the ‘type’ i created is just this: outgoing value:COUNTER:0:1024

    So I’m not sure why my graphs are showing units in the millions? If this is purely a collectd or rrdtool question, then I apologize for the interruption!

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