Collectd Graph Panel v0.2

Version 0.2 of Collectd Graph Panel (CGP) has been released. This version has some interesting new features and changes since version 0.1.

A new interface is introduced, based on Daniel Von Fange’s styling. A little bit of web 2.0 ajax is used to expand and collapse plugin information on the host page. The width and heigth of a graph is configurable, also the bigger detailed one. UnixSock flush support is added to be able to let collectd write cached data to the rrd file, before an up-to-date graph of the data is generated. CPU support for Linux 2.4 kernel and Swap I/O support is added. And some changes under the hood.

Download the .tgz package, the patch file to upgrade from v0.1 or checkout the latest version from my public git repository.

CGP Overview Page CGP Server Page CGP Detailed Page


32 thoughts on “Collectd Graph Panel v0.2

  1. Fil

    Thanks for the release! I tried it but I only get a page with β€œuncategorized” on it. What could be wrong? Collection3 works fine.


  2. pommi Post author

    You should see “uncategorized” and a list of hosts your collectd is monitoring. When you see no hosts, you have to create the file ‘conf/config.local.php’ and copy the settings you need to overrule from ‘conf/config.php’. For example, when your collectd installation stores the rrd files somewhere else than in ‘/var/lib/collectd/rrd’, you have to set this in ‘conf/config.local.php’.

  3. Fil

    Thanks for your help. I’m also using Debian and rrd files are stored in the default directory. I don’t know what else can I add to config.local.php.


  4. pommi Post author

    After a mail conversation with Fill and a temporary 0.21 version with more debug information, we couldn’t see to find the problem. When you have the same problem as Fil and if you are able to debug the problem, please leave a reply.

  5. Karpiu

    Thanks for your work, btw will You implement host comparision into cdp panel as collection cgi panel has ? It’s realy helpfull if we want check graphs for more than one host.

  6. pommi Post author

    Hi Karpiu, a better way to compare graphs of multiple hosts is one of my needs too. I don’t know how to implement it exactly yet. I think first of all better navigation from the detail page to other hosts will be an improvement.

  7. Karpiu

    Hi, secound case in cdp panel are digest on first page on the right of host name, why is wrong ? because I have more than 2k hosts πŸ˜› so It’s realy slow to generate those digits.
    And yes better navigation from detail page to other host will be a good improvement πŸ™‚

  8. pommi Post author

    Hi Karpiu, a configuration option ‘showload’ will be added to be able to disable the load averages on the overview page. It is already available in the git repository.

  9. Wolfgang Baumgartner

    I’ve waited a long time for such a great gui for collectd. Many thanks to you. It isn’t very difficult to code plugins, so I’ve coded one for apache myself. Do you plan to add other plugins?

  10. pommi Post author

    Thanks a lot for the compliment. The ultimate goal is to support all Collectd plugins. There are already a couple of new plugins available in the development version, mostly developed by Manuel. Please send me your Apache plugin and I will add it to CGP.

  11. Joel

    Any plans for a bind one? Or more info about how the plugin system works so that I can try and create one?


  12. pommi Post author

    I’ll try to add bind support before the next release (v0.3). When you want to add support for a plugin yourself, you have to poke around in the plugin directory. In many cases you can copy and modify an existing plugin.

  13. Jab~

    It is really necessary to generate the info “Error: plugin not availble (wireless).” through PHP GD? If you don’t have it installed you are like “where the hell are my graphs!” then you look at the error.log, see missing method… installing GD and all for it only to see that you are missing a settings for plugin, lol.

  14. Jab~

    Anyway (forget) I love it. Works out-of-box (almost) and looks sexy πŸ™‚

  15. pommi Post author

    You’ve got a point there. GD isn’t really necessary if the errors generated by GD can be replaced with something else. I have to think about this. Any suggestions?

  16. Jab~

    If it is the only place where you use GD I suggest just show plain-text error πŸ™‚
    Or if you can’t (layout, loops, w/e) just create image pluginerror.png with text “Error: plugin not available or contains unknown characters.” and ship it with the tar.gz πŸ™‚
    With the current web layout the $plugin (name) it is not necessary – there is <h3> with name above it πŸ™‚

    Anyway any plans to release some more plugins? I was trying to create one for DNS but I kinda failed…

  17. Jab~

    Also at
    type/Default.class.php:195:$sources = str_replace(‘.’, ‘_’, $sources);
    Replacing . with _ it’s some kind of security reason? My graphs were drawing with legend “www_google_com” rather than “” and I deleted this line. Everything (for me) is still working πŸ™‚

  18. pommi Post author

    A plain-text error is not possible when requesting an image, but a static image could be a solution for that. πŸ™‚

    I have also removed that line in a new commit. I think it is not needed too. Let’s see how it works out.

  19. Per

    Apache error.log :

    Undefined index: h in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 98
    Undefined index: p in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 100
    Undefined index: pi in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 102
    Undefined index: t in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 104
    Undefined index: ti in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 106
    Undefined variable: path in /var/www/html/collectd/inc/ on line 109

    On Centos 5.5.
    CGP version 0.21

    Do you have any clues ?


  20. Per

    Well never mind. I found out that i had’nt configured collectd for makeing rrd data.


    Keep up the good work.


  21. CAH

    Awesome work. Thanks so much for putting this together. Any plans for supporting the netlink plugin?

  22. Julien

    I really like CGP….

    We use it at work (along with other collectd frontend, but that’s the first we check). We were missing the memcached plugin badly… so I’ve decided to write it :

    Let me know if that looks good to you, I’m terrible with colors and could not find a doc with color to use with CGP standard (if any)…

    I’d be very happy if you can incorporate it.

    Thank you again for CGP.

  23. pommi Post author

    Thanks a lot Julien! I have cherry-picked your commit.
    There is no CGP color standard. πŸ™‚ Normally I use the colors from collection3, that is shipped with Collectd. Or I use the colors from the Collectd Wiki. But if there is a nicer color palette, I use other colors. Your colors are fine!

  24. Karthik

    Thank you very much for CGP! It’s been a real time saver for me, having been frustrated with perl solutions and their endless dependencies.

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